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That’s a cool looking straw on a water bottle that my daughter got on her friend’s birthday party – I think it was on her goody bag.

This evening I was wanting to try out my 50mm prime and had this shot against the bright window shades. Used spot metering to get the exposure and manually adjusted until I got the desired result. Since I shot this wide open, the background was totally out of focus.


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Not much inspiration for today’s post.

As I was going through my refrigerator I saw this egg box and though I should try something with the eggs. I am not an artist but you don’t need to be an artist for drawing smiley faces 😉

That’s how I ended up with these bunch of eggheads.

There is more – after downloading these later this evening, I found the picture to be grainy and that’s when I realized that I had forgotten to reset my ISO. For last night’s post I had bumped it up to ISO 800 and never set it back to ISO 200.

Now looking at my monitor, I could see these eggheads smiling at me and I felt  Who is an egghead now?

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Another fun photo post – yes; you can call it self-portrait 😉

As I went to check on my mailbox this evening, I had this idea pop in my mind. We always see things from one side, what if I could take a photo from the ‘other’ side. That’s how I ended up with this self-portrait.

Although I have to admit, self-portrait is not for me. So I thought may me I should get a bit creative with this shot. How about if I hid behind the mail box? So had my Fuji P&S set on macro mode, self-timer and had it metered using spot metering (took the metering on my skin). Then had the camera sit inside the mail box and when the timer was about to go off, I opened the mail box..Voila!

Took couple of tries to get the focus right. Not too bad I guess 🙂

I kind of like the framing on this shot.

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That’s one of our Hydrangea that decided to bloom after 4 years 😯

We got these 3 hydrangeas about 4+ years ago from Lowes & Sears (with blooms) as a small plants. The first year after planting it didn’t bloom. I remember calling the local college extension center and they said me about moving these plants to a sunny spot. So we did and didn’t had any luck for the past years. But it decided to bloom this year.

This kind of of reminds me of the quote from the Forest Gump movie…I’m pretty tired… I think I’ll go home now.

I bet if these hydrangeas were to talk they’ll mutter…

I’m pretty tired…I think I’ll boom now 🙂

Don’t forget to add your photo to Twitter Tuesday.

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Fun photo post for  day 158. That’s the picture of our living room and entry room separated by a wall. I might have gotten this idea for this post over the weekend or so. Upon trying to execute this, this evening I found it a bit harder than I had imagined.

Now these are 2 different rooms one lit by the windows facing south and the other room has light coming in from windows on the North. So properly exposing this a bit of challenge – went all manual for this shot after trial and error with the lighting. Now composing this was another challenge by itself – as I had shot this from the entry was and had the camera mounted on the tripod, there wasn’t much room for me to stand behind the camera. So had it manually focused on the wall and shot this at f/10 at 5sec exposure.

Now only if I had a fish eye lens, to make this as a nice shot 😉

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While cleaning up my yard this morning I noticed these dew on cobweb. Shooting this turned out to be a bit of a challenge as this was atop mowed grass and was almost close to the ground. So I used my gorillapod to balance my camera and shot this in shutter priority.

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For today’s post I simply want to shoot cherries.

So had these trio cherries sit a white foam board board, used spot metering and took the metering of the cherry in the front. Then had it manually adjusted and shot this in RAW. I had to do a little ‘pop’ action in CS4 to bring out the colors.

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