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Netflix/Roku – that’s how we relax these days. No live TV or cable for us – although kids like watching PBS on OTA channels 🙂

As I had few minutes to kill this afternoon I was going over other ROKU channels besides Netflix and noticed this reflection on our coffee table. So I had this shot using Nikon 50mm. To get a better reflection of TV on the coffee table, I had to pull down the curtains – hence this was shot @f16 for 30sec exposure. I like the way it turned out.

Those scratches on the coffee table – credit to our kids 😉


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I took this photo during my visit to the Creve Coeur Lake yesterday. As the Sun had just set and everyone were leaving the lake, I found this kid still fishing. It worked for my today’s photo post – today is an exception as I normally don’t like posting picture(s) from earlier days 😉

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I have been wanting to use my zoom lens for my 365 project and this evening decided to shoot with Sigma 17-70mm.

We have a library close home and by 7:30 PM on Fridays no one is there as the library closes early then. So went there this evening to capture some colors/clouds at dusk. It turned out pretty good – I should try using my zoom lens more often.

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Printed circuit board:

I was cleaning up my closet this noon and found bunch of computer hardware stuff that I don’t need anymore. As I was snapping pictures for selling them, I found some interesting patterns on these.

That’s a snapshot of a printed circuit board on a hard-drive. I found the colors and the imprints to be interesting.



That’s an old IDE hardrive that I had bought for an old desktop PC. This hard-drive never got into the bay 😉

I found this interesting pattern on the hardrive’s back – I am not a hardware design engineer but I am guessing it has something to do with dissipating the heat(?)



That’s an old memory module from my desktop computer. I found this had an interesting pattern on the printed circuit board. Took a quick snapshot using my micro 60mm Nikkor lens.

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The Sun was out this noon after few days of rain.

Spent some time this evening in the backyard and I noticed that the paint that my father had applied to the porch rails have all gone after 3years. This revealed the grains in the wood which has quite an interesting pattern and resembles eyed peacock feather.

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Bought this Kalanchoe plant last weekend to bring in some colors/life indoors 😉

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Had to take our daughter to her music class this evening. On our way back home, my wife took this picture  as we were riding the Daniel Boone Bridge in Chesterfield. As I had set my camera mounted with manual Nikkor f/2.8 lens set to f/2.8, the frame at the closest end turned out rather soft – albeit it turned out pretty good 😉

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