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That’s one of our Hydrangea that decided to bloom after 4 years 😯

We got these 3 hydrangeas about 4+ years ago from Lowes & Sears (with blooms) as a small plants. The first year after planting it didn’t bloom. I remember calling the local college extension center and they said me about moving these plants to a sunny spot. So we did and didn’t had any luck for the past years. But it decided to bloom this year.

This kind of of reminds me of the quote from the Forest Gump movie…I’m pretty tired… I think I’ll go home now.

I bet if these hydrangeas were to talk they’ll mutter…

I’m pretty tired…I think I’ll boom now 🙂

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While cleaning up my yard this morning I noticed these dew on cobweb. Shooting this turned out to be a bit of a challenge as this was atop mowed grass and was almost close to the ground. So I used my gorillapod to balance my camera and shot this in shutter priority.

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For today’s post I simply want to shoot cherries.

So had these trio cherries sit a white foam board board, used spot metering and took the metering of the cherry in the front. Then had it manually adjusted and shot this in RAW. I had to do a little ‘pop’ action in CS4 to bring out the colors.

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Printed circuit board:

I was cleaning up my closet this noon and found bunch of computer hardware stuff that I don’t need anymore. As I was snapping pictures for selling them, I found some interesting patterns on these.

That’s a snapshot of a printed circuit board on a hard-drive. I found the colors and the imprints to be interesting.



That’s an old IDE hardrive that I had bought for an old desktop PC. This hard-drive never got into the bay 😉

I found this interesting pattern on the hardrive’s back – I am not a hardware design engineer but I am guessing it has something to do with dissipating the heat(?)



That’s an old memory module from my desktop computer. I found this had an interesting pattern on the printed circuit board. Took a quick snapshot using my micro 60mm Nikkor lens.

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No it’s not a green serpent 😉

It’s a harmless garlic scape in my back yard. I was planting some annuals and cleaning up my yard this morning and found these garlic scape(s). Will have to try these garlic scape in stir fry tomorrow 🙂

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It’s Friday and I had sometime to burn this evening. So spent my free time on this little experiment with mirror and $1 coin.

I had this one dollar coin and had this stand atop a hand mirror in such a way I could see the reflection of the coin. Now since the mirror was looking up the ceiling, it was boring plain white – so I had the camera (on a timer) set on a tripod and was holding a blue cardboard right above the mirror/coin setup. With this setup when the camera shutter clicked I was able to capture the mirror image of the coin


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I had sometime to burn this evening and did some experimenting with lighting. I want to simulate the effect of smooth waterfall flow and used poppy seed (which we use for cooking) in place of water.

Initially had the camera set on manual mode for 0.5sec exposure. Then the camera was mounted on a tripod and had the timer set to click at 10secs – during that time I had the spoon filled with poppy seed and started dropping the poppy seed slowly into the pot. When the camera snapped it produced this smooth water flow effect. Those poppy seeds which got scattered produced a nice bokeh.

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