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And the experimentation with the light continues…

As I was getting ready to bed last night, I noticed the speck of light creeping in through the closed door. So I thought I should try it out for today’s photo post.

Used 28mm manual Nikkor for this try out. Shot this at f/5.6 @13sec exposure.

I really like those perpendicular lines towards the bottom…have to say it again “Life is made of Math & Science


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Those are rose buds ready to bloom in my back yard.

It was a windy day this evening and I had to spend quite a bit of time for the wind to calm down before shooting this. Used my Nikkor 60mm macro lens for shooting this in manual mode.

Bonus picture:


Those are peonies in my front yard ready to bloom. We had an almost perfect weather early this evening and thought I should try out my craiglist bought Nikon 28mm manual lens. Later I found it was too windy. So when the wind had calmed down a bit, I took this shot of peonies about to bloom.

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Had to take our daughter to her music class this evening. On our way back home, my wife took this picture  as we were riding the Daniel Boone Bridge in Chesterfield. As I had set my camera mounted with manual Nikkor f/2.8 lens set to f/2.8, the frame at the closest end turned out rather soft – albeit it turned out pretty good 😉

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