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Another fun photo post – yes; you can call it self-portrait 😉

As I went to check on my mailbox this evening, I had this idea pop in my mind. We always see things from one side, what if I could take a photo from the ‘other’ side. That’s how I ended up with this self-portrait.

Although I have to admit, self-portrait is not for me. So I thought may me I should get a bit creative with this shot. How about if I hid behind the mail box? So had my Fuji P&S set on macro mode, self-timer and had it metered using spot metering (took the metering on my skin). Then had the camera sit inside the mail box and when the timer was about to go off, I opened the mail box..Voila!

Took couple of tries to get the focus right. Not too bad I guess 🙂

I kind of like the framing on this shot.


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I had taken my car for a wash this evening.

As I had my car cleaned, I saw this interesting pattern on the windshield. There was light falling on the windshield from the wide open door just in front of the wash station, there was a splash of suds and the roller brush was just beginning to spin. I happened to have my travel P&S Fuji F30 and took few pictures. Had to crop this in post processing.

I call this a splash of suds and colors 😉

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