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Another fun photo post – yes; you can call it self-portrait 😉

As I went to check on my mailbox this evening, I had this idea pop in my mind. We always see things from one side, what if I could take a photo from the ‘other’ side. That’s how I ended up with this self-portrait.

Although I have to admit, self-portrait is not for me. So I thought may me I should get a bit creative with this shot. How about if I hid behind the mail box? So had my Fuji P&S set on macro mode, self-timer and had it metered using spot metering (took the metering on my skin). Then had the camera sit inside the mail box and when the timer was about to go off, I opened the mail box..Voila!

Took couple of tries to get the focus right. Not too bad I guess 🙂

I kind of like the framing on this shot.


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A fun post for day 127.

It was quite a windy day this evening and I had to restrict myself to shooting something indoors this evening. So thought I should try something for fun.

As my 2yr old was playing with his play dough, I set my Fuji P&S on a gorilla pod and set it to focus on him. Then I had my D70 set on tripod, and I focused my D70 on the P&S’s LCD screen and shot this picture.

Mission accomplished: One of my goal with this 365 project is to make use of my photo gears that I have been accumulating for over the past 10+ years and tonight I am a happy camper, as I utilized my 2 tripods, and 2 cameras 😉

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It’s Wednesday already! Had to take my daughter for her Math class – that’s my Wednesday ritual besides going to work 😉

So I had about an hour to kill while waiting for my daughter. I had a book with me for reading but I wasn’t up to reading this evening. Luckily I had my Fuji F30 P&S with me and thought may be I should shoot something for my blog post. Looking around in the room that I was waiting I found quite a lot of old books. Found this thick, old, spiral bound book and the first time I saw it, I knew I had a subject for today’s post.

Normally I wouldn’t trust the camera’s macro auto setting, but I have read good reviews/tips on using F30 macro mode. So had my F30 set to macro mode with Aperture setting, did a manual white balance, and took about 30+ shots. Out of these I like the one above the most.

That’s how I spent my time this evening while waiting for my daughter.

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It’s Science Friday – and I did go to the live show at St. Louis Science Center. It was a good show.

Today’s topics were – Genetically modified crops, cave science, and green building. GM crops was quite an interesting/hot topic. It lasted for an hour followed by the other two. You can read/hear the transcripts from today’s live show here.

I took my Fuji F30 P&S camera for this event and took most of the pictures using “spot” metering.

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I had taken my car for a wash this evening.

As I had my car cleaned, I saw this interesting pattern on the windshield. There was light falling on the windshield from the wide open door just in front of the wash station, there was a splash of suds and the roller brush was just beginning to spin. I happened to have my travel P&S Fuji F30 and took few pictures. Had to crop this in post processing.

I call this a splash of suds and colors 😉

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Photo 365: Day 48 – YKK


Ever wondered what YKK in the zipper means? Almost all zippers have YKK imprinted on them.
Well the other day I read an interesting blog post (thanks to Google Reader’s recommended items) on YKK. If you guessed YKK is the name of the company that makes zippers, you guessed it right. You would be surprised YKK is based in Japan & not in China 😉 YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Co., and this company is famous for manufacturing zippers besides other products. Here is the wiki entry for YKK.

I had the picture taken this evening as I was waiting for my daughter to return back from her class. It was a nice day outside and she had left her coat in the car. As I was contemplating on what to picture tonight for my Photo 365 project, I saw her coat and liked the way the zipper was painted to go with her pink coat.

Took this with my travel Point & Shoot Fuji F30 using spot metering – as I was relaying on the sunlight coming through the car’s window. Not too bad for a Point & Shoot camera 😉

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No it wasn’t a McD’s night  😉

Had to run errands tonight and saw this McD’s across the highway. As I carry my P&S Fuji F30 these days, I was able to capture this using spot metering.

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