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That’s a cool looking straw on a water bottle that my daughter got on her friend’s birthday party – I think it was on her goody bag.

This evening I was wanting to try out my 50mm prime and had this shot against the bright window shades. Used spot metering to get the exposure and manually adjusted until I got the desired result. Since I shot this wide open, the background was totally out of focus.


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Not much inspiration for today’s post.

As I was going through my refrigerator I saw this egg box and though I should try something with the eggs. I am not an artist but you don’t need to be an artist for drawing smiley faces 😉

That’s how I ended up with these bunch of eggheads.

There is more – after downloading these later this evening, I found the picture to be grainy and that’s when I realized that I had forgotten to reset my ISO. For last night’s post I had bumped it up to ISO 800 and never set it back to ISO 200.

Now looking at my monitor, I could see these eggheads smiling at me and I felt  Who is an egghead now?

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Originally I had shot something else for today’s post and that did not turn out quite well. So as I was looking for some other subject, my little boy had picked up this box of wooden beads that we had bought for our daughter when she was 2yr old. That’s how how I ended up with this subject for today’s post 😉

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When I started this Photo 365 project, I had in mind to make use of all my photo gear (that I had purchased over the past 10 years) one time or other. Today I decided to use my diffusion filter that I had purchased on ebay back in 2001.

I want my snap to depict a dream like mood and with the Kalanchoe in full bloom, it worked out very well.

Used Nikon 50mm prime along with diffusion filter for this snap.

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Ah its one of those days…didn’t get to decide on what would be the subject for today’s photo post until the last moment (its 9:15 PM already). I try to take most of the pictures with natural lighting and I know my choices for today’s post with natural lighting is next to 0.

We have these cute artificial floral arrangement on out mantel and thought I should try with this and see how it turns out.  Had to take out my trusty SB-600 flash to capture this as I was taking this against a black background and I know if I am to expose this for long exposure, shadows will ruin the picture. I think it turned out OK 😉

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Had a chance to experiment/play with light this afternoon. As I am pushing myself to make use of my Nikon 50mm prime lens (besides using it for portraits), this afternoon I tried my hands on taking picture of  my alarm clock in natural lighting.

We got this electrical, backlight alarm clock that has seconds hand. For my light experiment, I exposed my camera for 8 seconds exposure and you can see the trails of seconds hand. As you could see just by counting the trails, this was indeed exposed for 8seconds.

Also, the following is the capture of the same set-up with different composition and 6 seconds exposure.


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This week’s theme will be Valentine’s day 😉
Here is a photo capture of my kids cool looking sunglasses.

Used Nikon 50mm prime to capture these in natural light.

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