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Netflix/Roku – that’s how we relax these days. No live TV or cable for us – although kids like watching PBS on OTA channels 🙂

As I had few minutes to kill this afternoon I was going over other ROKU channels besides Netflix and noticed this reflection on our coffee table. So I had this shot using Nikon 50mm. To get a better reflection of TV on the coffee table, I had to pull down the curtains – hence this was shot @f16 for 30sec exposure. I like the way it turned out.

Those scratches on the coffee table – credit to our kids 😉


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That’s a cool looking straw on a water bottle that my daughter got on her friend’s birthday party – I think it was on her goody bag.

This evening I was wanting to try out my 50mm prime and had this shot against the bright window shades. Used spot metering to get the exposure and manually adjusted until I got the desired result. Since I shot this wide open, the background was totally out of focus.

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Visited Hindu Temple @St. Louis this afternoon. Hindu temple is a place of worship for Hindus.

It was a real sunny day and had to shoot this in manual mode with my 50mm prime. I purposely shot this with the “Temple Entrance” sign in my composition as I want this picture to tell where this was shot 😉

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Not much inspiration for today’s post.

As I was going through my refrigerator I saw this egg box and though I should try something with the eggs. I am not an artist but you don’t need to be an artist for drawing smiley faces 😉

That’s how I ended up with these bunch of eggheads.

There is more – after downloading these later this evening, I found the picture to be grainy and that’s when I realized that I had forgotten to reset my ISO. For last night’s post I had bumped it up to ISO 800 and never set it back to ISO 200.

Now looking at my monitor, I could see these eggheads smiling at me and I felt  Who is an egghead now?

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